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Whonnock Weavers & Spinners


Whonnock Weavers and Spinners Guild was formed in 1974 by a group of people interested in keeping alive the age-old crafts of weaving and spinning and who wished to share their experiences with others. Demonstrations, visual presentations, slideshows, workshops, sales and community displays are included in our activities.  
Contact:  Marie Slessor,
               PO Box 4,
               Whonnock BC V2W 1V9
               Phone: 604-462-9059
Web site:

Counterpane Collectables


Counterpane Collectable teddy bears made from recycled fur have won numerous national and international awards in teddy bear competitions.

Old fur jackets, in the form of heirloom teddy bears, now have homes, not only in Whonnock, but all across Canada, and in the United States, Australia and Great Britain.
Contact:  Neva Springman,
               Phone: 604-462-8114
Web site:

Von Hardenberg Candles


100% Pure Beeswax Candles. All our candles are handmade with 100% cotton wick only, for an environmentally friendly, clean burn. We currently provide 48 different choices of candles and create all our own designs and molds. Light and enjoy this natural wonder!  
Contact: Klaus & Betty von Hardenberg,
               9730 Spilsbury Street
               Maple Ridge, BC V2W 1K7
               Phone/Fax 604-462-9244
               9730 Spilsbury Street
Web site:

Junich Tanaka


Born in Japan, Junichi established a ceramic studio in Whonnock in 1998. His work has been widely accepted all over Canada.Ceramics is not his only passion. He has climbed major mountains and he is a poet.  
Contact: 27709 Sayers Crescent,
               Maple Ridge BC V2W 1N4
               Phone: 604-462-8696
Web site:

Driftwood Bay Gallery



Unique artisan made birdhouses and rustic furniture.

Gallery is open year around.
Contact: Marcel Merks
               27170 108th Ave,
               Maple Ridge BC V2W 1M8
               Phone: 604-362-2112
Web site: