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Dogs on leash are allowed entry to the park, but.
Home of the largest tadpoles?
Both the green frog (Rana clamatis Latreille) and the bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana Shaw) can be found in Whonnock Lake.
The bullfrogs (up to eight inches in length are larger than the green frogs (up to four inches). The bullfrogs also miss the green mask of the green frog.
Both frogs are not part of the original fauna of British Columbia. They originate from east of the Rockies. Up to 1950 they were not known in the Whonnock area.
At some time in the past both the bullfrog and the green frog were introduced in the Mill Lake in Abbotsford, In 1954 (or 1953) the Fish and Game Department poisoned Mill Lake to replace the coarse fish species with a stock more suitable for the fishermen.
Fish and games gave us permission to move tadpoles and adult frogs to Whonnock Lake. By 1960 they were fully established and spread to nearby Stewart Lake and now the delta of the Stave.
Tadpoles take two years to mature and can be easily seen in Whonnock Lake.
Brian Byrnes

Whonnock Lake Park
Whonnock Lake is a typical muskeg (bogland) lake. The only regular water input is from the north. There is an exit to Whonnock Creek on the south-east side, closed off by a dam.

Whonnock Lake Park offers a wonderful stand of mature trees, a grassy playground, an excellent small sandy beach, paddle boat rentals, swimming, hiking, and nature study. Park facilities include a barbecue pit, concession stand, picnic tables, a playground, washrooms, paddle boat rentals, drinking water. A gazebo is for rent (604 465 2470).

The park is home to native plants and thriving colonies of beavers and muskrats, as well as to breeding populations of loons, mallard ducks, and numerous small birds. The lake is stocked annually with rainbow trout, and supports a substantial recreational fishery. Large tadpoles can be found in the shallow water around the shores of the lake.


Rhododendron Garden

The entry to the Rhododendron Garden is at the west side of the parking lot of Whonnock Lake Centre. The creation of the garden was the dream of the Fraser Valley Rhododendron Society and many volunteers worked hard before it could be opened in May, 2000.

The Fraser Valley Rhododendron Society dissolved in 2011 but Scott Henney remains chair of the Whonnock Lake Rhododendron Committee. Phone 604-464-7979


Whonnock Lake is home to the Ridge Canoe and Kayak Club. The Whonnock Lake Centre is located on the south-western shore of the lake. It is a popular location for wedding receptions and other functions.