Mission, 9 January 1997. "Mr. Whonnock," Brian Byrnes looked on as Allan Springman, (Whonnock Community Association), centre, and Glen Kask (Mission Historical Society) signed an agreement to keep the historic records collected by the Whonnock Community in the Mission Community Archives.

In the summer of 1985 the Whonnock Community Association started collecting documents and photographs related to the past of Whonnock and Ruskin. In 1997 an agreement was signed to store, for an annual fee, the growing collection in the fireproof, environmental controlled vault of the Mission Community Archives. The WCA retains ownership of the records.

TThe Whonnock Archive collection is not catalogued in detail. Researchers are advised to explore this website and the following publications before planning a search of the collection at the Mission Community Archives.

Whonnock Notes
The Whonnock Community Association is the publisher of a series of papers promoting the research and understanding of the past of our community. Click here to digital versions. For printed copies: 604 462 8942 or e-mail:

Whonnock and Ruskin, Looking Back, Fred Braches, Whonnock Books, 2019.
An earlier version was published under the title: "Short Writings on Local History."

St. Paul's: Whonnock's English Church 1891 - 1921, Fred Braches, Whonnock Books, 2020.

Whonnock: Pictures from the Past, Fred Braches, Whonnock Books, 2022.

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