Whonnock Community Association




History and Heritage


Whonnock Community Assocation
PO Box 134
Whonnock BC
V2W 1V9

Brenda Guiled designed the logo for the Whonnock Community Association in 1998, the year of the tenth anniversary of Whonnock Lake Centre. Carved in wood, the logo decorates the front of the Centre.


  1. To promote, foster and develop community spirit and good citizenship;
  2. To promote and provide educational recreation and athletic facilities and equipment for the use and benefit of the children and citizens of the community;
  3. To promote, encourage and assist the educational, charitable, athletic and community endeavours of the district.


Brad Jennings - President
Bernard Bezuidenhout - Vice President
Mary Blackstock - Treasurer
Helmi Braches - Secretary
Noreen Woods - Director-at-Large


With exception of the summer months and December the Association meets every third Thursday of the month at Whonnock Lake Centre at 7:30 p.m.. Everyone is welcome to attend, and members have the right to vote.

This is the forum for issues concerning the community or to ask the Association's support for new ideas or proposals.


Everyone living in Whonnock is considered a member of the Whonnock Community Association, but only those registered as a member for at least two months have voting rights at any meeting of Association. Membership is free.

Click here to view and download the application form. There are printed copies at the Whonnock post office. Complete and submit for registration.

We will check once a year by phone or e-mail to confirm your continued registration as a member.

Call Helmi at 604-462-8942 or attend a monthly meeting for more information.


The Whonnock Community Association relies on volunteers to make things happen in our community.

We always need volunteers to sustain the present work of the Association, and the Association would also like to support new ideas for community-sponsored events.